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InJ, the best icon community in the world. Or not.
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For all the kids who want to grab one of our icons.
• When taking an icon, make sure you credit it to the person who made it. You can always add icons_no_jutsu as well.
• Post a comment to credit, with the number of the icon you took, we want to know! ;)
• Don't edit or alter the icons even those without text! Most of times, you add your shitty text on it and everything is fucked up. ^__^ (kukukuku...)
• We do not take requests, unless it is mentioned.
• Unless you want to die in agony killed by our private assassin ChickenGrrl... don't direct link or redistribute our icons. :D

If you wish to join our (wonderful) community, you...can't.
not for the moment at least. sorry.

For all the slaves who are making icons for icons_no_jutsu
• Post at least 6 icons each time, to avoid flood. (If you can't, you can always make variations with different colors, text, etc.)
• Make a teaser (preview) with 3 icons, lj-cut the others (fake or real doesn't matter).
• If you used any "external" materials such as brushes, patterns, images, etc. Please give credits in your entry or leave a comment in this entry.
• No fanarts allowed EXCEPT if you have the author's authorization. We don't want icons made from stolen CG or fanarts!

And to finish, don't forget... THE QUEENS* ARE ALWAYS RIGHT! :D

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AFFILIATE goshinboku_icon

* moooomoo, coliss & xpoonut of course :D

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